Pinky and th...
Pinky and the rainbow slide is a adventure/puzzle game, She Meets all her friends in the world, and the cat face has it in the volcano.

The Story : Pinky Sleeped in the cloud and the cloud disaper and pinky fall into the rainbow slide and slide and slided and pinky slided into the mud! eww! and pinky got all drity! and the bucket fell down and landed into Pinky's Land and sammy came and he said "its funny!" pinky said "no its not. i fell down into the ground! and how do i get up there?" sammy said "to get up there, you need do the 3 in a row match puzzle. pinky said "Thanks, also is there any ememies?" and sammy said "yes" pinky said "oh! god!" and the dog said "hehe! your messy" And Pinky Said "uh.... Shut off!" *Pinky Throws the dog into the lava* and he said "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" and she said "Bye Litte Puppy" Sammy said "Aww! its cute!" and the end to finsh you need to beat the game.


A Button Jump/Talk/Fly

B Button Back/Shoot Weapon/Attack

Select Button Choose

Start Button Pause/Pushing Start Button

Down Button Courch

Up Button look up

Right Button Move Right

Left Button Move Left