Pinky's AdventureEdit

Pinky was sleeping in bed when suddenly, Babe was doing a secret potion for future. Madness wanted to try. They were fighting over it. It slipped out of their hands and it was flying. The others tried to catch it. It fell and broke and they went to another place."Where are we?" Pinky asked. "Babe!!!!! What did you do??!!" Nayna snapped. "Oh, yes. It was him all right." Madness said, lickinh her paws. "OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nayna yelled. "Where's Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????" They looked around. Then Oliver apperd. "Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nayna yelled. "Pinky." Sammy called. "Isn't that the dog you threw in lava?" Sammy pointed. Then, Pinky saw the dog who was in lava. Pinky rubbed her eyes. "What are you doing here?" Pinky asked. The dog sighed. "Names Duke. And I wanted to say I'm sorry." he said and Pinky rolled her eyes. "I don't belive you....." Pinky said. "See? Pinky doesn't belive you! Know get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sammy scold. "I heard it. And I don't hear it again. But it's true. Just ask Babe." Duke said. Babe used his powers to see if it's true. Pinky, Robin and Sammy crossed their fingures. "It's true." Babe said. "YAY!!!!" Pinky and the others yelled. And you got to get them home.