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Foopets Foofighters is a fighting game that has cats in the game

the dog is a ememy in the fighter duel. and the first story Robin found in the cave and the dogs steal all the Fish! and pinky climb down the ladder and she found in the cave and pinky said "Theres no fish to eat! i want them back!" Pink Yelled and also Sammy Came and he said "Hmm...Hey! hey! hey! where all the fish!??" Lyined Sammy and pinky saw a Volcano and the volcano has evil dog head face on it. and face says "Go Away Cats i hate you cats" and she said "Knock it off dog!" said pinky she heard a music called diddy kong racing hot top volcano and it stopped from level 1 and it starts in level 8-8 and it stops from beating the game


A Button Jump/Talk

B Button Attack/Swim/Dive (only in underwater)

Y Button Kick/Run (Only if you can run in moving)

X Button Stop (Runing Only)

Up Button Look Up

Down Button Courch/Look Down (Underground on ground)

Right Button Move Right

Special Controls : Down Button + B Button = fookarma Attack

A Button + Down Button + = Super Jump

Y Button + B Button + Right Button = Super Kick Left Button Move Left

Game Over Screens Edit

Game Over Screen #1 : Attacked by a fighter
Game over 1

this is the screen its means when your foopet got attacked by bad attacker. and the foopet got bloated like a balloon

Game Over Screen #2
Game over 2

See This Screen, its means when your foopet die underwater.

 : Died in underwater

Game Over Screen #3 : Burned by fire or lava

it means when you got burned

Game infoEdit

Game Tite : foopets foofighters

Game Ratings : ESRB : E ACB : PG PEGI : 7+ GRB : ALL EIRIN : PG Ages 7 and up

Release Date(s):

April 25th 2008 Japan

March 6th 2008 Mexico

April 1st 2009 Australia

May 5th 2009 Korea

June 7th 2009 USA

June 10th 2009 UK


There is Mutiplayer mode, there is Levels Mode And there is adventure mode and also in muitplayer mode is vs mode also battle mode. in single player mode there is a time trail

Character UnlockblesEdit

Tippy The Silver Tabby How to get it : beat Tippy 50 times in Adventure Mode

Sammy the black mix How to get it : Beat Sammy in time trail

Madness the Siamese Cat How to get it : Beat The Boss Fighters in 2 times

Rover The Super Duper Silver Tabby how to get it : Get All Cat Face Pieces

Robin The Breeding Black Mix How to get it : Beat the game

Character StatsEdit

Level 1: 3 Hearts

Level 2: 4 Hearts

Level 3: 5 Hearts

Level 4: 6 Hearts

Level 5: 7 Hearts

Level 6: 8 Hearts

Level 7:9 Hearts

Level 8: 10 Hearts

Level 9: 11 Hearts

Level 10: 12 Hearts

Max hearts

Max of Level Damage: Level 30: 50 Damage

Max of Level Defense : Level 10 : 30 Defense

Max of Level Runing : Level 8 : 10 Fast 6 Slow 9 Normal

Special LevelsEdit

Level 1 How to get it : Get Beated By All the bossies

Level 2 How to get it : Get All Cat Head Pieces

Level 3 How to get it : Get Fishes Back from the evil dog

Back Cover And Middie CoverEdit

Here :

this is the back cover and middie cover


is foopets foofighters has wii? Answer : No, theres only ds.

is foopets foofighters has violence on it? Answer : Little Bit, Yeah.

does this game has puppies on it? Anwser : Yes

Can i play this game when i 7? Answer : Yes

does play as pinky when you in the first file 1? Answer : Yes, you play as pinky first.

whats the game rating in mexico? Answer : i dont know. :(

how do you play? Answer : Controller will help you. :)

Role in ScratchEdit

in scratch its the artest version foopets foofighters in the pc game.

Role in FoopetsEdit

in foopets pinky lives in forever. and also her friends is sammy and robin.

Foopets Foofighter in JapaneseEdit

in foopets foofighter they Say "fooooooeeeeeps fooooofight" in game over they called "上のゲーム"

in Level Word it called "レベル"

in the story : it says :

ロビンは洞窟で発見し、犬はすべての魚を盗む!と小指は、はしごを降りると、彼女は洞窟と小指で発見"食べても魚をtheresの!私がそれをしたい!"とピンクは言い出しても、サミーがやって来て、彼は"うーん... ...ちょっと!ちょっと!ちょっと!どこにすべての魚!?"と言った横たわるサミーと小指は、火山を見て、火山は、その上に邪悪な犬の頭の顔を持っています。と顔が"猫は私があなたに猫を嫌いゴーアウェイ"と彼女は言った言う。"犬を離れてそれをノック!"小指は彼女がディディーコングレーシングホット上部火山と呼ばれる音楽を聞いて、それがレベル1から停止し、それはレベル8-8に始まり、それがゲームを破ってから停止すると述べた