==Note: I can't make the words big because I'm on my mom's ipad. So, I don't know how. Story: Robin, Sammy, Pinky and the others were playing when 2 cats that 1 was a bengle and 1 was a tuxedo mix. "Hi, I'm Nayna!" the bengle said. "And I'm Oreo!" the tuxedo mix said. "Want to be mates?" Pinky asked kind of googley. "NO!!! I AREADY HAVE A MATE YOU BAMBOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Oreo snappeed. "You don't have to get all snappy, Or-e-o." Sammy growled. "I'm Oreo's mate. And we have to tell you something REALLY important." Nayna said. "Okay, but I bet it's not going to be fun." Robin said. "There's a big animal abuse thing going on. And it has a lot of dogs and cats." Nayna replied. "Can't you just ask other people? Tippy asked. "Other puppies and kittens said they are afraid." Nayna replied. "Guys! We have to! If no one will save the day, we will!!!!!!" Pinky said. "Bu how do we do that?" Madness asked. "Get repared everybody!!!!" Pinky yelled and Oreo and Nayna smiled. They all got dress and followed Nayna and Oreo. Controls: A button Jump/talk. B button Weelbar Y button Grab/Pick up X button Swim (Only Water In Your Way) Up button Attack/Slam Down button Sneak Right button Move Right Left button Move Left Speical Moves: Y Button + X Button = Knock Out Gas Bomb X Button + A Button = Super Kick A Button + B Button = Super Punch A Button + Y Button = Super Slam X Button + B Button = Spin Power X Button + Right Button = Step On People Y Button + B Button = Character Change Game Over Screens: 1. When You Got Attacked 2. Your Attack Went Back At You 3. Trown In A Cage 4. You Got In Quick Sand (In Forest) 5. You Got Attacked By A Snake/Bear (In Forest) Game Info: Relese Date(s): May 10 2013 Japan April 31 2013 Mexico July 10 2014 Austraila September 28 2013 Korea November 29 2012 USA October 23 2015 UK Modes: Multyplayer Regular Mode Character Unlockables: Daniel The Beagle: Defete Animal Abuse Master #1 Baby The Dalimation: Defete Animal Abuse#1 People Victoria The Golden Retriever: Go To The Forest And Get Pieces of The Cat and Dog Head Babe The Super Duper Husky: Go To Foopet Artic Pole and Get The Animal Abuse #2 Puzzle. Simone The Adventous Austrailian Shepherd: Complete Animal Abuse #2 Level Nacho The Chihuahua: Defete Animal Abuse#2 People Chacter Stats: Level 1: 10 Hearts Level 2: 20 Hearts Level 3: 30 Hearts Level 4: 40 Hearts Level 5: 50 Hearts Level 6: 60 Hearts Level 7: 70 Hearts Level 8: 80 Hearts Level 9: 90 Hearts Level 10: 100 Hearts==