So in dogville, Chewbi the super duper sorcerer bengal wants to make this potion and then the potion was in a glass tube. Victoria the husky sorceress then saw Chewbi and she said "Oooh a potion!" Chewbi says "No Victoria! you may not have it!" but then the potion falls to the ground! Then SOMEHOW all the bad cats steal all the bones from Dogville! Mayahzdog09 says "There is no more bones to eat!" I want them back!" Then she goes to the feasting room, a building where citizens of Dogville gather for meals of special occasions, such as Hallowen, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. but the roast beef for the upcoming special occasion is gone! All roast beef for future special occasions are gone too! Mayahzdog09 is ticked! (More coming soon.)